Resources for Reassessing Goals

Published 1 year ago

As promised, here are the resources I've rounded up for you in response to some of your goals. I've categorized them so you can navigate them easily:


  • Things App $9.99 (the best $10 you'll spend this semester) This is a to-do list dream.
  • Habitminder App Free This is great for tracking a habit you want to do daily like how much water you're drinking, tremoring, exercising, etc.
  • Pomodoro/Timer Method via Be Focused App Free, and the Pro version is only $0.99. Track your tasks and spend specific times on them (like readings, studying, etc.)
  • Find out how to use the Screen Time App to learn about your tech habits, and limit distracting time-suck apps (looking at you IG...) so you can be more productive.
  • Spark Email keeps all my inboxes in one place.
  • Scanning app like TurboScan Free Use for snapping PDFs of your readings so you can do them in transit.
  • Fantastical $4.99 or Google Calendar Free
  • Pennies for budgeting and expenses. $3.99 I'm sure there are many more.
  • Pocket Free Save webpages and articles to read offline. I usually save TED Talks so I can read the transcripts.
  • Learning and Studying Strategies


  • Body Love by Kelly LeVeque On Amazon the hardcover is $19.03, and used copies are as low as $11.80, but I got mine at NYPL for FREE, and then purchased the Kindle version later for about $10. I follow Kelly LeVeque's "fab four" concept which is to have healthy fat, fiber, protein, and greens in every meal to combat hunger hormones and sustain blood sugar levels. I also use intermittent fasting (16:8) meaning that I eat between 11am-7pm, and rarely outside that window. This works best for me because I am not a breakfast person. I have a smoothie in the morning, and am good until late afternoon because it contains appropriate amounts of fat, fiber, protein, and greens to keep me satiated. I have been able to cut out sugar almost completely and rarely drink coffee anymore (goodbye, Sbux addiction, hello more money in my pocket). It took about 10 days to get into the swing of things but it's so worth it b/c I'm sleeping so well, have more energy all day, and am not having crazy blood sugar spikes and crashes.
  • My Pinterest board for meals and meal-prepping. I only plan out 3 days of meals. Smoothie basics as well. Feel free to pick my brain about specific brands or recipes I use. The biggest shifts I've made are swapping out rice for cauliflower rice (cheap and filling), sneaking "hidden veggies" like fresh spinach or kale into smoothies and meals which fills you up, zoodles instead of pasta, and cutting a lot of dairy out (my skin has been consistently clearer). Giving up sweets was hard in the first week, but after that I didn’t even crave it. Plus, now when I do have sweets it's a real treat and I feel like I've earned it.